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We print on high quality Fine Art canvas from Hahnemühle. The matte coating is very flexible and avoids in such a way edge breaks when stretching. The material has a middle structure combined with best clamping characteristics. It particularly captivates by its immediate drying process and water resistance. It harmonizes outstanding with nearly all colouring material and pigment ink.

We use UV-true pigment ink system, which provides long-lasting lightfast canvas and prevent your canvas from fading.


All the prints are hand starched around a wooden frame ready for hanging.

The frame is about 2 cm deep.

The images wraps around the frame sides, so you can observe your canvasprint from all around.
This is also the reason, why you shouldn´t have any important details or text on the edges. So please proof this to avoid that important detail will be wrapped around the frame.

How it works:

We accept JPEG, PSD, PDF, BMP, and TIFF formats
If you have another one, please ask! We find a solution.

To achieve the best results your photo should be a minimum of pixels:

  • 3 Million Pixels up to Canvasprint 60×40 cm
  • 4 Million Pixels up to Canvasprint 60×80 cm
  • 6 Million Pixels up to Canvasprint 80×100 cm
  • 8 Million Pixels up to Canvasprint 80×120 cm


    If you are not sure about your image, you can use our checking-service! We proof every picture before Canvasprinting:

  • Right Size
  • Right format